1. Remove "securepassword" from sc.ini if present

2. Logon to SC with a full client and a user with SysAdmin rights

3. Using System Status, stop all other services running than Falcon

4. Type *asystem.unload in Command line field inside SC

5. Enter filename and click unload

6. Copy the file to the run directory of your SC installation


1. Repeat item 1 and 2 from unload

2. Set triggers:0 in the sc.ini, if you don't, it does not delete any files

3. Type *asystem.destroy (be 200% sure that You are logged onto the right sc!) in Command line field, or delete everything in data directory, and copy an empty SC system into data the directory (the special empty files can be obtained from Peregrine Support)

4. This will clean up the data directory, so we can load another system into our SC

5. If you run the system destroy, this will automatically kick you out of SC, check that all services are killed as well. Shutdown SC.

6. If you copied the empty SC into your data directory, you now must shutdown SC and all services running

7. Opem a command prompt, and change to the \run directory in SC directory

8. Type "scenter system.load -load system.unl NULL NULL winnt" (winnt can be replaced by ex. Unix, if you load into a unix system)

9. Now you just have to be patient, this will take some time. If it dies immediately or after short time and you made the system destroy, go and check the last line in Sc.log. If it says "Format file is already in the file system", you will have to delete everything in the data directory, and use the empty data system instead. This is caused by a bug in the system destroy command.